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The Madison Real Estate Investors Association
2809 Fish Hatchery Road
Fitchburg, WI 53713

What is the MAIB All About?

We are a sub-group of the Madison REIA, the area’s premier Real Estate Investors Association.  The REIA welcomes all levels of investors, and strives to develop and guide individuals in a productive, ethical direction.

There is a demand for, and a distinct advantage to, having a core group of seasoned Madison-area real estate investors to do deals together, structure relationships, share resources, and mastermind issues for creative solutions.

This group meets for breakfast on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 7:00 AM at undisclosed locations in the Madison area in a private area where we can get down to the business of real estate investment strategies.

We take on each other’s problems and, as a result, we dominate the local market.  The group is always one step ahead, staying closely tuned to the local market and the Madison area’s movers and shakers.

This group is invitation-only.  A panel of seasoned investors review every application and, to qualify, you must have completed at least 5 deals, own or manage over 20 doors, or have over $100,000 to invest.

Are you more of a beginner?  Check out our aspiring investor luncheon.

Why Would You Join The MAIB?

You want to do more in an ever-changing real estate market.  What worked last year, heck – last month, no longer works.  Foreclosures have all but dried up and it seems like distressed real estate situations are harder to find.

For example, some say the lack of distressed properties is a sham.  There are billions of dollars of non-performing notes that banks, for whatever reason (insert favorite conspiracy theory here), are not pushing through the foreclosure system.

Good (fill-in a trade here) are hard to find.  And when you get a good one, his prices seem to go up as his reliability goes down.  Do you feel stuck by this?  Perhaps there’s a better way to deal with this problem collectively.

None of those things are your problem, but you can’t seem to effectively increase the number of deals you do, or units that you manage.  Do you know anyone that might see things differently and be able to help?  We do.

Things To Consider

  • The MAIB meets early, so if hitting the ground running at 7AM isn’t your thing, it’s not going to work for you, sorry.
  • We share ideas, solve problems, offer solutions, help each other, and share access to resources that most people want to protect.
  • Yes, there’s money in our group looking to do deals.  If you’re someone who is also looking to invest, join us.
  • We play nice.  There’s no time for underhandedness, greed, withholding, or taking advantage of others.  Do it once and you’re out.
  • The MAIB is for seasoned investors in our area.  You’re a professional and you know how to get things done.
  • The MAIB is your new Board of Directors set up and operating to explode your volume and get your time back under control.
  • This is NOT a pitch-fest.  Nobody is here to sell anything to the group.  Our currency is “collaboration”, and that’s what we trade in.
  • MAIB members sometimes create partnerships and JV’s to dramatically expand their businesses collectively.
  • The monthly dues are 15 bucks to cover our overhead, breakfast and the facility.  This is not a revenue source for the Madison REIA.
  • This group is limited to 15 people maximum.  If we’re full, we will let you know and then put you on the waiting list.

Application For MAIB Membership
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